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Japanese Teas and Sweets Tasting

Demonstration of how to make Daifuku

Tas1ng of 3 different kinds of Tea and pairing Sweets

Fujiko Aoki who owns MOCHI RIN (hIp:// will demonstrate how to make Daifuku, a tradi1onal Japanese confec1on that transforms rice and red beans into a liIle mouthful of sweets, tradi1onally to accompany tea. She will also offer pairing sweets.

Stefen Ramirez, tea specialist and owner of Tea Dealers (hIps:// will offer a tea tasting of premium teas from Nara made by a 9th genera1on tea producer. His tea has won many awards and is considered one of the highest quality in Japan and Tea Dealers is the only company in America to carry this amazing selection.

Yamawarau Karigane, Shun-min Hojicha, and Tamayura Kabuse

Please come and taste 3 different kinds of tea and pairing sweets!
For each par1cipant we will offer a gift of 50g Karigane Tea to bring back home and enjoy it again.