Fri, Oct 23, 2015  7:00pm  Sun, Oct 25, 2015



Magnolia NY as part of its mission to share the arts and culture of Japan presents a lecture-demonstration-performance featuring 5th generation Kita School Noh performer Kinue Oshima on October 23rd and 24th with the support of the Tenri Cultural Institute and Theatre Nohgaku. 

To share and demystify this profound 650-year-old Japanese art form, Ms. Oshima will present a lecture about the various performance elements of Noh including the chant, instruments, masks and costumes. Ms. Oshima is an internationally recognized performer who has played to sold-out houses across three continents including both England’s and China’s National Theaters. This is her first presentation in New York. 

The lecture will culminate in a presentation of the final section of the celebratory Noh Takasago in full costume and mask. Ms. Oshima will get dressed on stage for the audience to appreciate the intricacies required to sculpt the exquisitely woven fabric to the performer. 

This is a rare opportunity to experience this meditative yet dynamic art form in the very intimate setting of the Tenri Cultural Institute. This lecture will be presented in Japanese, with simultaneous translation by Theatre Nohgaku member John Oglevee.