The Anatomy of Noh  - Aoinoue -  

 Lecture / Performance

Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A W. 13th Street, New York, NY

May 19th & 20th, 2017 7:00PM

Noh Society presents a lecture/ performance “The Anatomy of Noh-Aoinoue” featuring the renowned Noh actor Yoshinari Shimizu from the Kanze school on May 19th and 20th with the support of the Tenri Cultural Institute.

Mr. Shimizu will examine “Aoinoue”, which is from the classic, “The Tale of Genji” and decode how human obsession is embodied in a Noh play with explanations of Japanese aesthetics from the Japanese view of life and death.

The presentation will culminate in a short performance of “Aoinoue” in an intimate setting after he explains the importance of physical balance and the use of space on the Noh stage with a demonstration of Noh choreography, walking method, and chanting. 

Yoshinari Shimizu has performed in Japan and internationally more than 150 programs a year. Last year he played one of the Lions at “ Shakyo” at Lincoln Center Festival.

This is a special opportunity to discover and experience Noh, art form handed down for over 650 years. 

The program will be in Japanese with English translation.

Supported by The Consulate General of Japan and Tenri Cultural Institute.


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Yoshinari Shimizu

Born in 1973. Noh actor from Kanze school in Japan. He trained under 26th Grand Master of the Kanze, Kiyokazu Kanze, and became independent in 2006.
Performed since he was a child. His grandfather, Yoshitada Shimizu and great grandfather, Hachiro Shimizu were both Noh actors.

1979 : Debuted with Shimai “ Yuya”
1991 : Performed the first Shite roll of “ Tsunemasa”
1994 : Graduated with Noh major from Tokyo University of the Arts

Performed various Noh 2009 : “ Shojyo Midare” 2012 : “Dojyoji”
2013 : “Shyakyo”

2014 : “Yoroboshi” 2014 : “Mochizuki” 2015 : “Sumidagawa”

Performances overseas 2010 : Romania, Austria 2011 : China
2013 : India, UK

2014 : Singapore ( produced by Ebizo Ishikawa) 2016 : New York ( Lincoln center festival)
2016 : Singapore